Lady Knife


Lady Knife, seduction has many facets, some have a taste for risk. Possible irregularities are to be considered qualitative details which are the result of a purely artisan work.

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These 925-silver earings are hand crafted, following the process of lost wax casting. Once the jewel is made, it follows a manual finishing path, followed by a browning process, an effect that gives depth and character to the creation. All the jewels belonging to the “limeted edition” line are unique pieces in which the model is reproduced for a maximum of 23 pieces; they are created once the order is placed, to reflect the requests of the customer-creator as much as possible thus becoming the creator of his own jewel.

Effe23 jewels are born from the perfect union between artisanal jewellery and creativity, nothing is left to chance and each piece is treated with accuracy down to the detail, ensuring a high quality jewel that expresses all the craftsmanship of its creators.

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Dimensions 7.5 cm