Flowering Skull Pendant


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This 925-silver pendant is hand crafted, following the process of lost wax casting. Once the jewel is made, it follows a manual finishing path, followed by a browning process, an effect that gives depth and character to the creation. All the jewels belonging to the “limeted edition” line are unique pieces in which the model is reproduced for a maximum of 23 pieces; they are created once the order is placed, to reflect the requests of the customer-creator as much as possible thus becoming the creator of his own jewel.

Effe23 jewels are born from the perfect union between artisanal jewellery and creativity, nothing is left to chance and each piece is treated with accuracy down to the detail, ensuring a high quality jewel that expresses all the craftsmanship of its creators.

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Dimensions 5.00 x 3.50 cm


Silver is a fine material, its integrity depends on how carefully you look after your jewellery. Oxidation is a natural process in this metal, by taking these small precautions you can keep your jewellery looking just like new. Chemicals contained in domestic cleaning products and the sulphurous waters of spas are the enemies of silver and undermine its natural colour and lustre. Sometimes, merely contact with a pH acid skin can cause tarnishing of silver. Avoid using silverware products for cleaning your jewellery as these may remove the burnishing that distinguishes Effe23 creations, for proper cleaning simply use the special cloth contained in each package. Also remember that, although silver is a resistant metal, it is soft and scratches very easily. If you do not like your jewellery to have the “worn” look, take care not to let it come into contact with other objects.
Any irregularities should be considered the result of a purely artisan process.

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