Wrought Wicked Skull


Wrought Wicked Skull is a 925 silver ring, handmade and with all the passion for the craftsmanship of the Billy Bones line jewelry.

A blindfold covers the eye of Wrought Wicked Skull, sometimes it is looking less with the eyes that one sees more with the heart.
The hand-beaten surface gives this ring a handcrafted and lived-in look.
The Wrought Wicked Skull fit is snug and comfortable.

Possible irregularities should be considered as the qualitative result of pure craftsmanship.

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This 925 silver ring is made by hand, following the lost wax casting process.
Once the jewel has been obtained from the model, it follows a manual finishing process, then a burnishing is performed, an effect that gives depth and character to the creation.
The Effe23 jewels are born from the perfect combination of artisan goldsmith art and creativity, nothing is left to chance and each piece is treated with precision down to detail , we guarantee a high quality jewel that expresses all the craftsmanship of its creators.

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Dimensions 2.00 × 3.90 cm