Effe23 started from a dream that had been locked away for too long. For 20 years a goldsmith kept it at a distance and replaced it with the responsibilities that life imposed on him, but you know … each of us sooner or later is given the chance to be or not to be. Effe23 then chose to BE.

Effe23 believes in the bond that is created between a person and a NUMBER and how this can be revealed as a sign from dimension that is distant and at the same time very close to us, like that of dreams. Not one piece of jewellery created by Effe23 is similar to others, each one is UNIQUE and created at the time it is requested, wanted…

Effe23 firmly believes in the uniqueness of things and how the BEING UNIQUE is immediate synonymous with extreme BEAUTY understood in its pure form and free from preconceptions. Choosing to BE means choosing FREEDOM.

The artisan experience

Effe23 is a collaboration between two brothers, who love creating beauty. From the idea as a wax model to the complete manufacture of  the jewellery, a journey of creativity and craftsmanship, which does not include a design phase but goes directly to the SCULPTURE in the block of wax. PASSION for artisan work is the real common thread of all Effe23 creations, each new model is made by hand, using the lost wax casting process.

Once the model in silver 925 or bronze has been made, the jewellery is finished manually and then subjected to burnishing, an effect that gives depth and character to the creation.

The Effe23 jewels are created from the perfect marriage between the art of the artisan goldsmith and creativity, nothing is left to chance and each piece is treated with precision in every detail, ensuring high quality jewellery that expresses all the knowledge and craftsmanship of its creators.


Effe23 believes in the importance of CREATIVITY, the ability of each of us to be able to translate dreams into something real. Effe23 jewellery starts off as a dream. Bypassing the design phase, the jewellery takes form immediately in wax modelling, inspired by the creative moment of its designer. Every detail is the result of many hours of work and many years of experience and passion for the craft.


Effe23 is a collection made mainly in silver925 and bronze. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories with a distinct character, all designed, manufactured and finished by hand in Italy. The Effe23 collection also includes the Exclusive line of limited edition pieces.


Effe23 | choose to be
Jacopo da Ponte, 23
36022 – San Giuseppe di Cassola (VI)

C.F.: RGHLRT95E11A703Z
VAT Nr.: IT04046570240



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